More than 50 % of power than the HTD® Standard belts

The HTD® CXP® and CXA® belts are especially recommended in the transmissions with heavy loads or quickly changeable.

They enable respectively:

To increase the transmissible power up to 50% and 100% , with consequent reduction of the width of the belt. To utilize the same pulleys provided for the HTD system, keeping the functional interchangeability also with other system of deep profile. To improve the working life of the current transmission, without changing the pulleys. Available pitch: CXP 3-5-8-14 M CXA 8-14 M


  • CXP more than 50% of life for each inch of width.
  • CXP more than 50% of life than the transmission width standard HTD
  • CXA 100% as above than standard HTD
  • More compact transmissions.
  • Reduction of the real costs.
  • Better efficiency.
  • Resistance temperature – 40° or +100° C
  • Oil resistance, ozone resistance.

N.B.: The types CXP and CXA as well as transmit considerable more power offer less bulk and considerable price saving of the respective pulleys.

The type CXP is in polychloroprene with insert of plaited glass fibres.

The type CXA has got the mixture like the CXP while the insert are in aramid.

Pitch available: 3 – 5 – 8 – 14 M for CXP 8 – 14 M for CXA