Conveyor belt with rubber covering which is Weatherproof and resistant to cuts, abrasions, tears and humidity.

Maximum operating temperatures: -35°C + 85°C

Belt suitable for carrying any non-oily or non­fatty material, for example: pit-coal, anthracite, coke, clay, limestone, concrete, lignite, clinker, loose cement, calcium sulphate (plaster of Paris), pebble gravel, Wooden logs, mortar, sand, bricks, iron ores, crushed stone, blast furnace slag, sulphur, fertilizers, urea.

The resistant core (ply set), made up of a composition of Warp polyester and weft nylon fabrics, guarantees a heightened resistance to longitudinal tensile stress and excellent transverse flexibility.

This belt is most commonly used in the following sectors: iron and steel, mining, cement production, quarries. shipbuilding, earthmoving, agriculture, chemical, paper-manufacturing etc.