M.E.C. Bandabord ® is the result of over 30 years of experience in the field of rubber conveyor belts and the Department of Research and Development of A Zeta Gomma.

M.E.C. Bandabord ® is a conveyor belt with proof cover cut resistant to abrasion, laceration, atmospheric agents, with wavy edges made of wear-resistant rubber inserted with a textile fiber, to allow the edge of a greater strength and rigidity.

The tape M.E.C. Bandabord ® in addition to wavy edges wear-resistant rubber, includes the use of strips always wear-resistant rubber, which is not anchored.

This tape is suitable for the transportation of any material provided by non-oily or containing hydrocarbons.

The nucleus resistant guarantees a high tensile strength in the longitudinal direction and excellent flexibility in the transverse direction.

To meet all customer requirements and in order to achieve optimal product, A Zeta Gomma provides its technical staff to design, build and install this type of conveyor belt.