M.E.C. V-BELT® OIL STAT® SP-FTD belts (with notched, cut sides) are the result of a highly advanced production system using blends of high-quality rubber. The light weight of the belt reduces centrifugal force, thus providing greater speed; the forged notches afford greater flexibility, and consequently a higher frequency of flexure and faster heat dispersion ( resistance to temperatures from –30° to + 80° C).


M.E.C. V-BELT® OIL STAT® SP-FTD® are especially suited to heavy-duty conditions with technical limits. Use of these belts is recommended where:

  • Pulleys have smaller diameters than standards
  • Transmissions with a high number of revolutions
  • There is a surplus of power requirements
  • Electro-conductivity ISO 4184


M.E.C. V-BELT® OIL STAT® SP-FTD® are in compliance with the DIN 7753 – ISO 4184.