A Zeta Gomma’s strategy has always been to rely on first class products that can be immediately supplied. These targets are pursued thanks to a large stock that together with various services allows the customers to have these products within the times and in the places they require.

This is the reason why, in addition to the efficient service of assistance and installation, A Zeta GOMMA‘s R&D department has developed a series of technologically advanced equipment whose most remarkable product is the MEC WELDER® (welder for automatic heat sealing belts MEC POL BELT®) and the last born MEC TIMING MACHINE®: an instrument unique in its kind that allows to perform a complete cycle of junction for any kind of PU toothed belt.


MEC TIMING MACHINE ® is an integrated system of press and punch to assist the operator in all the stages necessary for the correct execution of the joint:


Through the appropriate punching tool, integrated into the equipment, the belt is cut at the ends, the pressure is exerted through a cylinder which is activated manually by the operator. Two plates are intended to protect the heating planes.


The punched ends of the belt are inserted into a suitable junction mould, which varies depending on the pitch, which will be positioned inside the press. The pressure necessary for a correct sealing will be applied following the junction tables supplied. A digital pressure gauge will assist the operator by exerting the right force to the cylinder.

MEC TIMING MACHINE® is equipped with a power board with an independent control of each plane to facilitate the setting of the correct junction temperatures.


MEC TIMING MACHINE® is provided with a water cooling system completely automatic. This cooling system, essential for the proper quality of the junction, is controlled by the power board that makes it start when the set temperature is reached. It is also possible to connect the press to a centralized cooling system, if available.

The high-level automation of the MEC MACHINE TIMING ® both in the phase of welding and in the cooling phase allows to perform several consecutive junctions without the continuous presence of the operator who, in the meantime, will be able to perform other tasks thus saving time and costs.

MEC TIMING MACHINE® meets all the regulations and directives concerning health and safety…

The success of the joints is always guaranteed only if the MEC TIMING ® belts are used since all the procedures and parameters supplied with the press have been expressly designed for the polyurethane we use in the production of MEC TIMING ®belts. In case different materials are used, from now on, we accept no responsibility for the poor result of the junction.

The main advantages of the MEC TIMING MACHINE® are:

  • High reliability
  • Ease of use
  • The same piece of equipment both to punch and to seal
  • Control board with a separate indication of the planes
  • Automatic cooling system without “any coil”
  • Digital pressure gauge
  • Special joint to recover the mould backlash
  • M16 eye bolts for transport

MEC TIMING MACHINE® is therefore a piece of professional equipment that thanks to its characteristics l suits well the needs of:

  • DISRIBUTORS who wish to provide their customers with a service that is faster and more efficient.
  • MANUFACTURERS who wish to be more flexible in the production.
  • USERS who wish to become independent from third parties to improve their efficiency.