The belts MEC PROFILBELT ® OIL STAT® have been designed and manufactured to be used in the transport of materials on horizontal, slanted or vertical surfaces.

The covering is hot vulcanized on the belt and must have an excellent dragging coefficient with the material transported.

The MEC PROFILBELT® OIL STAT® belts can be supplied in rolls or closed loops with the surface in various profiles, different qualities, colors and hardness of rubber.

They are employed in industries, in wood working industries, in agricultural machinery, in packaging transport and above all in ceramic sectors.

The line MEC Profilbelt® Oil Stat® designed and manufactured by A Zeta Gomma Spa, is fully customizable, and special customized coatings/ can be made on demand.

In the event of coatings on rubber belts an average shrinkage of 2 to 4% of the initial belt length must be taken into consideration.