M.E.C. Weldable Polbelt

Rubber and polyurethane materials are indispensable for the transport of all products in the ceramic field, just think of the rubber conveyor belts for the raw materials, PVC tapes for unloading the oven and the rubber straps for handling semi-finished and finished products.

Thinking about all this, and being a leader in the field of these materials, A Zeta Gomma has developed a line MEC Polbelt ® a line of heat-sealable belts, whose strengths are the quality, and the possibility of realization of measurement at all times and in very reduced times, thus allowing to fully manage emergencies, so as to reduce as far as possible the time of recovery plant.

This line produced by A Zeta Gomma is now known and appreciated all over the world in transmission systems not only in the field of ceramics, but as in various industrial sectors.

The line M.E.C. Polbelt ® is produced by A Zeta Gomma by extrusion using the most modern technologies. The line M.E.C. Polbelt ® comes in different colors that change according to the hardness of the strap for easy identification by the operator, in addition to providing the line MEC zeta Rubber Polbelt ® complete any carryover vulcanized depending on applications, requests from the client. L ‘extreme versatility, the rapidity replacement, as well as resistance to UV, to acids, alkalis, and in particular to benzene abrasion makes this line belts an irreplaceable product for any maintenance and/or repair in all sectors in every country of the world. To complete the line M.E.C. Polbelt ® A Zeta Gomma has also patented a futuristic welding system called MEC Welder ® through which you can make best joints in a very short time.

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