This belt, with an anti-abrasive and tear-resistant covering, is suitable for carrying materials at temperatures up to 75°C. This material can be of any type, wet or dry, even sharp-edged or cutting, but not oily.

When a working process requires vertical handling of materials, the Elevatorbande belt represents the best solution. This handling device is made up of two elements:

  • the part which sustains the traction force
  • the parts which contain the material lo be lifted.

To avoid the use of chains, which is always complex as Well as noisy, and primarily to simplify controls, it will be useful lo employ the Elevatorbande bell with extra-resistant fabrics added (Warp polyester and weft nylon). With this system it is possible to sustain the traction force and, at the same time, to keep the buckets which hold the material consistently and securely fastened. The buckets are anchored onto the belt by means of drills and through bolts with the relative fixing nuts.

The elevator belts are usually supplied open and closing is then made on-site using a metal coupling. These belts, however, can also be supplied with a vulcanized joint and can be drilled according to the customer’s dimensional drawing.